60 minutes! You'll never have to wait any longer than that for daily fresh sushi.


The place to be for take-away sushi.

All you need to do is call 050 65 87 19 and we will instantly start preparing a delicious dish. Using home-cooked rice, fresh veggies, and fresh salmon and tuna fish from Zeebrugge. We also offer sake and Japanese beer.

You can Take Away your order from Arigato Sushi Restaurant after 60 minutes of your order being placed on our website.

Tip: if you are picking up your order, you can feel safe to order hot dishes.

Make A Reservation

You can call us directly at 050 65 87 19

Fish at the seafront is a winning combination! Arigato knows that the summer guests in blankenberge don't mock their fish. And they certainly appreciate the honest and delicious preparations.

Arigato dares to set high standards: their dishes have to taste better than any sushi available in the country.